Our Approach

Ridge Road is focused on owning great businesses over very long periods of time. There are multiple paths toward that end. Ridge Road has built businesses from scratch, restructured troubled businesses, provided growth capital to fast-growing companies, and bought minority positions in large companies. Ridge Road’s attitude is highly opportunistic and focused on value creation.

Ridge Road’s approach is characterized by several key values.


Best results come when everyone pulls together. Ridge Road endeavors to align its partners, investors, and portfolio business management teams in every deal. Ridge Road invests in each deal and works together with management to build great businesses.


Building great things takes time, and optimal outcomes are not always achieved in a three year investment cycle. Ridge Road is focused on maximum value creation over long periods of time, and its capital base matches that goal.

Hands-On & Entrepreneurial

Ridge Road combines investing and business-building experience. We are hands-on partners and approach opportunities with an entrepreneurial rather than institutional mindset. Complex situations which require substantial work have been some of our most profitable investments.


Our investment approach does not include constraints in regards to geography or industry. However, we are highly focused on the following attributes of the businesses we consider for investment.

  • Scalability – which we measure by establishing the total addressable market and the opportunities and risk associated with that market.
  • Distributable cash flow – or the potential to drive distributable cash flow, even if we intend to reinvest continuously in a business.


Ridge Road invests in both public and private companies across industries and geographies. A great investment or business opportunity does not always fit into a pre-determined box. Ridge Road employs a creative and open-minded approach to its investments, focusing on the scope of the opportunity rather than the location of a company’s headquarters or whether the company is public or private. Flexibility and patience are hallmarks of the Ridge Road approach.